• Is it good for you to exercise when you are tired?

    Jan 03

    Written by Andrea M

    We all have moments where we feel like not getting out of bed.


    Like when its cold outside and you are all cozy in between your smooth and clean sheets, but what to do when you are seriously tired. The type of tired like I will fall asleep standing up type of thing.


    The answer is simple, first, you have to think, why do you feel tired?


    Is it just a lack of motivation? Or did you have a hard time sleeping the night before?


    If this cozy person sounds like you, amigo beat the laziness and do not overthink it, just do it.


    If you are the I didn’t get enough sleep type, you should consider doing a lighter workout, just show up.


    Believe me, you will feel better and more energized when you are done with your workout.


    If you are feeling exhausted and overtrained, give yourself some rest.


    Working out in these conditions makes you more prone to injuries, in addition, your cortisol levels, in other words, you will have more inflammation and less recovery.



    In conclusion, make sure to analyze well why are you tired in the first place, and if you need a day off, TAKE IT!


    You will come back stronger and it will be a more productive workout.


    Or maybe, you are even feeling tired because you haven’t exercise, so exercising will boost your energy levels.


    which of this sounds more like you? Comment below, we would love to hear about your experience.

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