• Initial Consultation

    (Duration: 60 minutes)

    • The first step is an extensive one-hour consultation in person or over video chat for me to get to know the client’s dietary history, health condition, and fitness goals.  Included are customized meal plans, guidelines and recommendations for supplements, and unlimited text and email communication for the following four weeks.
    • $280/month
  • Follow-Up Consultation

    (Duration: 60 minutes)

    • At the end of the first month, we meet for a one-hour follow-up consultation to analyze food records and eating patterns, discuss progress toward your unique goals, and identify any challenges you may be facing.  This is also an opportunity for you to ask me any nutrition questions you may have!
    • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Body Composition Testing

    (Duration: 45 minutes)

    • Body composition testing is available for clients in Southern California.  During this 45-minute consultation we will calculate the percentages of your body fat and lean tissue mass.  This meeting includes a discussion of your unique results and a calculation of your individual macro-nutritional needs according to your body type.
    • Duration: 45 minutes
    • $120/ month

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